"History is a lie "

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"Me, myself and I with a beautiful mind, lying to myself “It’s all good, I feel fine.”"
Skits Vicious, Dope D.O.D., “Staring Through The Blinds” (via nomyzack)
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The Remarkable Surreal Paintings of Greg ’ Craola ’ Simkins

I have become increasingly interested in the rabbit holes we fall down when daydreaming. So many have created worlds in their art in which to escape and inhabit, and for others to enjoy. We have seen glimpses of them in Narnia, Wonderland, Middle Earth, Neverland, and Hanalee. As homage to these types and shadows of other lands, I have attached the all-encompassing title, “The Outside”.  As our imagination takes over, we tend to leave what is ordinary and go outside of ourselves to visit these places. This is why I paint and what has inspired me over the years to grow as an artist. It is the constant search for what else is on the outside.



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Tyrion Lannister with some lovely ladies, during less sad days.

An illustration I made for Beyond the Wall Game of Thrones fanzine, which was put together by evelmiina and features works from 18 different Finnish artists! *u*

The zine is format A5, has 20 pages and costs only 10 euros! It can be purchased via email asoiafzine(at)gmail.com. 

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all “Beautiful Death” of season 4 o Game of Thrones

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Portrait of Horiyoshi III from the amazing Gustavo Silva Nuñez, a master of Photorealism!

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